Dissident is a marketing communications consultancy which believes that success starts with the unorthodox: an insight, idea or initiative that challenges the conventional and delivers exceptional results.

Founded by award-winning advertising and communications experts Martin Thomas and James Thellusson – and supported by a wide network of fellow dissidents – the consultancy helps leaders in management, marketing and communications devise and deliver smarter strategic solutions, breakthrough marketing campaigns and more effective training programmes.

Dissident also helps organisations anticipate and protect themselves and their brands from the risks posed by dissident ideas and movements.

It is rigorous in its approach, agnostic about discipline and channel but passionate about insights, ideas and outcomes.

Dissident Consulting.

We work with organisations grappling with challenging business, brand and marketing communications issues and seeking smarter strategic solutions.

Dissident Campaigning.

We create campaigns and alliances for those seeking less orthodox and ultimately more effective ways to change behaviour, attitudes and preferences.

Dissident Coaching.

We provide training and facilitation for those seeking to learn new skills and transform the ways in which their teams think and work.

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